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Every Cobra lawnmower has been expertly designed in the UK to cater specifically to the changing conditions of the British lawn. With exceptional performance and style, the Cobra M40C 16″ petrol lawnmower is powered by a Cobra DG350 Series engine and is push propelled for complete user freedom. The Cobra M40C petrol lawnmower has 10 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 25mm for a superb low finish, and up to 75mm for tackling longer grass. All this is achieved by simply using the single height of the cut adjustment lever. Depending on the height of your grass, you can easily and efficiently adjust the cutting height to suit. The Cobra M40C petrol lawnmower is equipped with a 50-liter fabric grass bag, ideal for collecting large amounts of grass clippings before the need for emptying. The grass bag on the Cobra M40C is made from a robust, high-quality fabric. This fabric enables a strong free flow of air which means that grass collection on this machine is even more compact and comprehensive.
Key features:

* The Cobra DG350 engine – offers a quiet, yet powerful and lightweight combination for a variety of demanding applications. It incorporates the latest engine design technologies ensuring optimal torque and efficiency. The DG350E powers Cobra lawnmowers for gardens up to 600 square meters

* Robust high-quality steel deck

* Ten cutting heights from 25-75mm

* Folding handlebar for easy storage

* Wheel size – front 6″ & rear 8″

* Fuel tank capacity – 0.8 litre

* Collection system – direct collection


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