Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Grinder 230V Go Part

£175.00 £170.00


Good quality semi-professional Go Part chain sharpener. It is the same as the Carlton model we use ourselves to sharpen both our own and customer’s chains. It is supplied with 2 discs, if you require the 6mm depth gauge disc we can supply it at an extra cost. Good quality replacement discs are held in stock.  Please remember to use appropriate eye/face protection when using the grinder.

  • 230V/50Hz motor
  • Tilt angle function
  • Bench mounted
  • illuminated working area
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects(not including discs)
  • Discs supplied: 1 x 3.2mm, 1 x 4.7mm
  • Dressing stone


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