Terms and Conditions


‘BH Gardeners’ or ‘the site’ refers to all content included under the URL ‘https://www.bhgardeners.co.uk/’ and the company represented by the trademarked name ‘BH Gardeners’.

‘Product’ or ‘products’ refers to any item or service offered on ‘BH Gardeners’ which mandates the initiation of a ‘contract’ between you (‘the customer’) and ‘BH Gardeners’.

‘Contract’ refers to a formal agreement between ‘the customer’ and ‘BH Gardeners’ requiring the fulfilment of goods and services in exchange for remuneration.

The terms ‘Goods’ or ‘services’ refer to the ‘products’ sold by ‘BH Gardeners’ after a contract of purchase has been deemed to exist between ‘the customer’ and ‘BH Gardeners’.

‘Terms of purchase’ refers to the ‘product’, the charge owed by ‘the customer’, and delivery estimate.

‘Dispatch’ refers to the process, which can take up to two business days, whereby purchased goods are securely packaged and sent to ‘the customer’ by an appropriate carrier.


By purchasing any of the products listed on the site you are entering into a contract that allows for the supply of specified goods from BH Gardeners in return for a payment of the magnitude indicated on the purchased product. BH Gardeners undertakes for its part of the purchase contract, to dispatch the goods within two days of receiving verification of payment.

No contract of purchase can be deemed to exist between the customer and BH Gardeners unless and until the customer receives a confirmation email from BH Gardeners detailing the terms of purchase. Furthermore, the fulfilment of orders will be dependent upon receipt of payment for said goods.

BH Gardeners reserves the right to withdraw from a contract of purchase without prior notice. If payment has already been made, BH Gardeners will refund the full amount.

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